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The B 570 QE was made for quilters. It’s sized to work in the space you have, but powerful enough to handle big quilts. The automated features keep you fast and efficient with no worries. The great tension and perfect stitches are a must while the well-known quality of a BERNINA gives you peace of mind when quilting lots of layers or sewing super fast. Quilters, you’ve found your machine. 8.5" of space to the right of the needle handles big quilts and tons of creativity. The B 570 QE is pre-loaded and ready to roll with more than 70 stitches and designs especially for quilts. No machine made for quilting, like the B 570 QE, would be complete without it. Perfection comes standard! The BSR regulates perfect, equal length stitches even while sewing at any speed during free motion quilting. Talk about convenience. The presser foot raises but the needle stays in the fabric. The foot floats above the fabric, making it easy to rotate, turn, do appliqué and quilt. Yes, please.

Main Feature:

  • BERNINA Dual Feed
    • Fabric evenly fed from above and below
    • Excellent for smooth or fine materials
    • Easy to engage, tucks away when not in use
    • B 590 and B 570 QE models only
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
    • Two steps in one: cuts thread and lifts needle
    • Easy one-button operation
    • Plus, B 570 QE and B 590 models include automatic presser foot lift
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lifter
    • Raises and lowers foot with push of a button
    • Precise guidance of the fabric without taking your hands off the fabric
    • B 590 and B 570 QE models only
  • Variable Sewing and Embroidery Speed
    • Adjust with the slide speed control
    • Maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Modern, Color Touch Screen
    • Easy to view with a home button concept
    • Easy to use with simple navigation
  • Multi-function Knobs
    • Stepless rotation, easy to operate
    • Adjust required settings quickly
  • BERNINA Hook
    • Patented technology at the heart of the machine
    • All metal, quiet, powerful and precise
    • Front-load Jumbo bobbin holds up to 70% more thread
  • Extended Freearm
    • 8.5" to the right of the needle
    • More space for larger projects
  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator
    • Keeps stitch length consistent at variable sewing speeds
    • Works with straight or zigzag stitch and with feed dog lowered
    • Works with all models except the B 500
    • Standard with B 590 and B 570 QE, optional with the B 535
  • BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS)
    • Hands free sewing with knee lever
    • Simultaneously raises/lowers presser foot and feed dog
    • All models except the B 500

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