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Sewing Cabinet

We carry a variety of sewing cabinets for creating the perfect work space for you. You will enjoy your sewing experience much more with an organized and ergonomically correct work area. We would also argue that your creativity would flow much easier without the struggle of fighting your work space. We have a wide variety of price points available from industry leaders such as Unique Sewing Furniture, Koala, Arrow and Tailormade. Some are pre-assembled and others have some assembly required.
  • 5880 District Blvd STE 21
    Bakersfield, CA 93313
    Phone: 661-282-8300
  • Tue. - Sat: 10a - 4p
  • Sunday: *Closed
  • 1096 Calimesa Blvd. Suite B
    Calimesa, Ca. 92320
    Phone: 909-795-9090
  • Mon - Sat: 10a - 4p
    Sunday: *Closed